Держатель для бутылок MaxShine, 4 отверстия 105 мм, 3 отверстия для кисточек, металл, H03EH

Держатель для бутылок MaxShine, 4 отверстия 105 мм, 3 отверстия для кисточек, металл, H03EH

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MaxShine Detailing Compound Holder allows for optimal organization of your 16oz and 32oz compounds.

Upgrade your garage, mobile detailing van, or any space designed to keep your detailing flowing smoothly.

The organization is the key to success in our Detailing Industry.

Our Compound Holder mounts directly to the wall with the corresponding screws included in the packaging to keep your business or detailing passion running efficiently.

And best of all reduces the chances of spilling valuable products!


MaxShine 32oz or 16oz Bottle Car Detailing Compound Holder | Spray Bottle Rack

  • Holds Big and Small Spray Bottles – The spray bottle rack organizer is able to hold oversized 32 oz bottles as well as standard 16 oz spray bottles in each holder. Fits most of your detailing sprays.
  • Mount it in Your Garage or Van – The spray bottle organizer lets you easily drill into your wall or on the interior of your van. Access your favorite sprays and compounds everywhere you go.
  • Always Find Your Sprays – Knowing where your compounds, detailing sprays, and other chemicals save you time by avoiding getting up and looking for misplaced car detailing supplies.
  • Holds Spray Cans, Drinks, and More – It’s not just a detail bottle holder. Painters use it as a spray can holder to hold paint supplies, cans, and drinks just in case you get thirsty.
  • Highly Durable and Built to Last – This commercial wall mount spray bottle holder was built out of lightweight iron with a rust-proof surface and black powder coat for easy cleanup and appearance.

MaxShine Spray Bottle Holder will let your compounds place neatly and orderly. Make your place display so well and help you find the compound you need easily. Hang on the wall, the compound holder is convenient to fetch the compound and when you return them back it will be neat and won’t mess up the space of your room, as well it looks tidy and effective.

  H03B H03 spray bottle rack 34oz  
  Car Detailing Compound Holder for 16oz or 32oz Spray Bottle and Compound Holder for 16oz bottle

34oz IK Trigger Sprayer Holder

SKU H03 H03B H03EH  
Color Black Black Black  
Used 16oz or 32oz Only 16oz 34oz  
Length 540mm 464mm 540mm  
Width 190mm 100mm 205mm  
Height 185mm 170mm 135mm  
Holes 5 5 4  
Diameter 8.5cm 7cm 11cm  


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