Maxshine Vortex 60*90 см

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Maxshine Vortex is designed for faster, more thorough drying than conventional drying towels. Extra soft and absorbent, it gently and quickly wicks away moisture while also quick drying between uses.


Maxshine Vortex | Extra Soft Towels

Features and Benefits:

One of the most unique high-quality drying towels

  • One of the most unique high-quality drying towels
  • Made of 70/30 blended fibers
  • Alternating stripes of Twist Loop and Coral Velvet
  • Thickness: 1000g/m2


Size: 24” x 36“ (1166090G),  20″ x 24″ 1165060G

A car detail isn’t complete without microfiber towels. Whether for a hand car wash, interior car detail, or any other auto detailing task, Maxshine’s extra soft towels are the perfect companion. Get a thorough car cleaning with our array of GSMs to match each aspect of a detailer’s job. Essential for a home hand wash, mobile car detail, detail shop, or any car detail service, made of microfiber, extra soft towels are a must.

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