Держатель полировальных кругов 125 мм MaxShine, металл, H04H

Нет в наличии

Держатель полировальников 125мм


Maxshine 3, 5, 6 inch polisher pads holders

The holder is a great tool to keep and organize your valuable foam pads while saving your valuable space.

  • The Maxshine foam pads holders for 3, 5, and 6 inch Polisher Foam Pads make it easy to handle your foam pads. 
  • Constructed of high-quality iron with a finish coated with powder can resist rust.
  • High corrosion resistance, and comes with corresponding screws.
  • Time-saving, space-saving manage all your foam pads in order so that can find the exact one you need.
  • Made from quality material, can provide a long time service life for customers.
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